Company Profile

Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, Skip the First (hereinafter referring to "Hangzhou First Strategy") founded in April 2008, is specialized in market research, industry research and project feasibility studies integrated service agencies. The company is based in Zhejiang, facing the country as well as the world, with the style of "professional, pragmatic, taking the lead and efficient" dedicated to all types of enterprises and institutions to provide authoritative leadership, strategic and consulting services.

Company vision: Becoming an outstanding and influential international integrated consulting company.

Company mission: Helping customers grasp market opportunities, research the development strategies and provide the bases of decision-making for the customers.

Company Core values: Investigating market, solving customers’ problems and helping customers obtain success!

Since its foundation, research areas include energy, chemicals, metallurgy, building materials, medicine, light industry, household appliances, transportation, food, machinery, electronics, real estate, textile, communication, culture, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industry. We have served more than 500 companies and customers, and we have sold over a thousand copies of various types of information consulting products.

The customers’ demand is our basis of service. Our consistent pursuit lies in meeting customers’ requirements and surpassing customers’ expectations. Market changes, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Skip the First, with the virtue of leading professional quality and authoritative research, can make the new and old customers take the lead in the brutal competition of the commercial market.

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